How to Duct Heat From a Wood Burning Stove Safely

Attempting to attach ducting to a wood burning stove may not be the smartest thing to do. There are inherent fire risk dangers, and many manufacturers will specifically specify not to do this. Usually a furnace (not a wood stove) is designed to attach to ducting, always follow manufacturers guidelines. So, if you have a … Read more

Wood stove heat exchanger, what is it and how does it work?

Flue Mounted Heat Exchangers

Hot air from the fire is drawn up the flue and although the flue will become warm, much of the heat within is lost to the atmosphere where the flue terminates. A lot of the heat exiting the flue is reclaimable with a flue mounted heat exchanger. A heat exchanger installed in the flue is warmed by the hot air rising in the flue which is then extracted by either radiation or blowing cooler air through the heat exchanger.