Wood Stove BTU Calculator

Input the dimensions of the area to be heated, and how well your house is insulated and the Wood Stove BTU Calculator will display the recommended minimum size wood stove required to heat the area.

Wood stoves output is measured as either BTU or kilowatts. The bigger the number the more heat the stove will put out.

When calculating the size of the area to heat make sure you include all rooms that will be joined with open door ways. If it is expected that a door will be open then the area of that room should be included. If a stairway leads up stairs the entire area of all open areas needs to be considered when sizing the wood stove.

Ensuring the right size wood stove for your home is critical. Too large and you will be wasting fuel, too small and you will be cold and miserable all winter long.

Home Insulation Properties to Consider

Although these wood stove BTU calculators are useful should be used as a guide only. Each home is unique in some way, and accurate BTU requirements are only ever an estimate.

BTU requirements must consider (in additional to air volume to heat), insulation characteristics of the area to be heated. Factors such as, size and quantity of windows, insulation properties of window dressing, insulation properties of the floor, walls and ceiling.

If the floor is made of wood, and there is a basement below, then some heat can be lost. If the wood stove is in a single story home with no ceiling insulation then a lot of heat will be lost there. Think of insulation like a blanket for your house. When you place a blanket on your bed to keep warm at night, its usually going to be a solid blanket, not a fishnet style. Insulation in your house is the same thing. Windows, doors, and uninsulated walls, ceiling, and floors are like a fishnet blanket. The worse the insulation, the higher the BTU requirements from your wood stove.