Pellet stove pellets piling up: Why, and how to fix.

Pellet stoves are a very efficient form of biomass stove. Their efficient operation is achieved by burning a controlled but small amount of biomass pellets at a time. The flame (and therefore the heat provided) is a function of how many pellets are being burnt at any one time, and how much air is drawn … Read more

Asthma and pellet stoves: Understanding the Health Risks

Pellet stoves vs asthma, COPD, and other respiratory health risks

Because Pellet stoves burn biomass waste products (like compressed sawdust pellets) they are known as an environmentally friendly heating source, which is one of the attractions for them becoming increasingly popular. Environmental friendliness is great, however there are some concerns with operating pellet stoves that people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD should … Read more

Is pellet stove smoke toxic

Yes, pellet stove smoke is toxic and should not be breathed in. Every effort should be made to ensure the pellet stove smoke is exhausted away from where people are congregating. Burning biomass toxins are carcinogenic. Carcinogenic means “having the potential to cause cancer“. See below extract from an article published by the National Library … Read more

How pellet stoves work

So, you have discovered that pellet stoves are more efficient method of heating than a wood stoves and other traditional fireplaces. You also understand that pellet stoves are more convenient to operate than a wood stove. And, maybe you even understand that pellet stoves produce far less pollution that a wood stove. But before you … Read more

Best heat powered fan for wood stove

Best heat powered ecofan for wood stove

A cheap accessory that compliments any wood stove is a fan that can gently push hot air around to warm every corner of the home. This article will detail what a heat powered fan is, why you should use one, the advantages over other types of fan’s, some heat powered wood stove fan recommendations, and … Read more

Best Way to Heat a Garage or Workshop

how to heat a garage or workshop

Why do you want to heat your garage or workshop? There may be a few reasons you want to heat your garage. If you have water pipes running through, then heating a garage will help to stop water pipes from freezing over. Also, if you use the garage as a workshop, then you’ll be spending … Read more

Are Double Barrel Wood Stoves Illegal

Many people ask me if double barrel wood stoves are illegal. In short, no, double barrel stoves are not illegal to use. This question of legality comes from the implementation of government regulations with regards to emission standards. You can review those rules here at EPA for US wood stove standards. Manufacturers do not design … Read more