Best Indoor Wood Stove

If you are looking for the best wood stove, check out our buyers guide here to help you understand just how to compare all the necessary features.

Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove – Has a very high heat output rating for the price.
Pleasant Hearth Small Wood Burning Stove – Perfect for mobile homes.
Pleasant Hearth Large Wood Burning Stove – Very high wood burning efficiency.

Comparing the best indoor wood stoves

No matter what type of indoor wood stove you are looking for we have done the homework to find you the best wood stoves on the market today. That will leave you with more time to enjoy sitting in front of a roaring fire reading a book, enjoying a favorite beverage, and time with the family.

Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove – Model HT2000 – Very high heat output

The makers of this stove aren’t joking when they put the words “high efficiency” in the name, because that’s exactly what you will get from the Drolet HT2000. Lots and lots of heat output, enough to keep a 2400 sq. ft. (730 sq. meters) home toasty warm when it’s cold outside. That’s exceptionally good heating for a unit this size.

And let’s not forget, that not only can the Drolet HT2000 pump out the heat, but high efficiency means you use less wood, saving that mid-winters wood restocking.

The Drolet HT2000 can accept two logs at a time both up to 22 inches (55 cm.) long and 9 inches (22 cm.) diameter. Depending on the type of wood and temperature setting, those two logs would last through a whole night. No need to start a new fire in the morning, just load up again to maintain the warmth.

The double step top vents act as a heat pump, drawing in cold air at the bottom of the heater and pushing out hot air at the top, a clever design that adds to the heat dispersion.

Final Word on the Drolet HT2000 Indoor Wood Stove

The Drolet HT2000 will not disappoint anyone. The ratio of BTU output to cost is superb.

Pleasant Hearth 1,200 Square Feet Small Wood Burning Stove – Perfect for mobile homes

The Pleasant Heart stove model number HWS-224172MH is a sturdy and well made EPA certified free standing pedestal stove, that will easily heat a 1200 sq. ft. home. This is the sort of quality manufacture and design you would expect from USA manufacturers.

The stoves ceramic glass window in the door allows ample flickering light through, and thoroughly compliments the stepped top pedestal design. An ash cleaning tray located under the brick lined firebox makes for easy clean outs.

It comes with a variable speed air blower to help push that warm air around the house, or (as the design has been allowed for in a) mobile home.

Best results are obtained by the installation of an external air inlet vent to help feed continuous fresh air into the fireplace. This is a necessary feature for any stove fitted into a mobile home, but it also makes the Pleasant Heart such great value for money. Not using an external air draft vent will choke this stove of much needed oxygen.

Stated log capacity is 18 inches, but 16 inches appears most practical in application, and will easily give an overnight burn time of 8 – 10 hours with the harder fire woods.

Final Word on the Pleasant Heart HWS-224172MH Wood Stove

The Pleasant Heart stove HWS-224172MH is the ideal stove for mobile homes.

Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Square Feet Large Wood Burning Stove – Highest Efficiency

The large Pleasant Heart LWS-130291 is very similar in looks and features as its smaller brother (reviewed above).

Like its smaller version it is EPA approved, and has the same exterior design with stepped top, brick lined firebox, variable speed air blower, including that arched ceramic glass window in the door, and of course is made in the USA.

The biggest difference is the size with corresponding additional heat output, and the legs whereas the small Pleasant Heart stove sits atop a pedestal.

It’s approximately 25% heavier at 354 pounds, but is external dimensions will take up an additional 50% space in your room, which helps with getting 20” logs into the firebox. If this is your first stove, don’t underestimate the value of larger logs.

Apart from being about to heat a much greater space the other significant difference is in operation, the location of the draft control lever is much better positioned above the glass fronted door, rather than below it on the smaller unit. This makes adjusting the air damper much more convenient.

Final Word on the Pleasant Heart LWS-130291

Although the Pleasant Hearth stoves are not really in the same market as each other, it is the larger unit that gets our recommendation over the 2 reviewed here if considering for homes.

Note, if considering for mobile homes then the best (only) option is the smaller Pleasant Hearth stove.