Best Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood pellet stoves are starting to become popular, and for good reason. Here we are taking a look at the best wood pellet stoves, and what the benefits of each are.

Learn how pellet stoves work.

Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style Pellet Stove Extra-large capacity wood pellet hopper.
Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove A great option for mobile homes.
Summers Heat 55-SHP10 Pellet Stove Cheap wood pellet stove for those on a budget.

Reviewing the best wood pellet stoves

There are a few essential benefits to burning pellets over wood logs, the greatest advantage being easy management of the fuel (wood pellets). Wood pellet stoves are electronically controlled and can burn un-tendered for long periods of time, set and forget.

If you enjoy the beauty and serenity of flickering flames that you can only get from wood fires but aren’t into the hassle of starting fires and storing firewood, then wood pellet stoves could be for you. Read on to learn more about the most popular units in the market today.

Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove – High capacity wood pellet hopper.

The Pleasant Hearth wood pellet stove is controlled by an inbuilt electronic control system which has a diagnostics control component and auto ignition system. Coupled with the large hopper this makes this stove one of the easiest set and forget stoves, just sit back and enjoy.

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove review

Like many wood pellet stoves this one is EPA certified, and suitable for use in mobile homes. Pleasant Hearth rates this unit at 85% efficiency and it’ 50,000 BTU output is able to heat up to 2,200 sq feet.

So let’s start with what set this stove apart from many other, simply it is a 120 pound wood pellet storage capacity which can offer a continuous heating times up to 72 hours without reloading.

Pleasant Hearth has two models of 50,000 BTU wood pellet stoves, they have a large pedestal type and a cabinet type. Both have very similar features, however the cabinet type is cheaper and has a larger capacity hopper, this review will focus on the cabinet style wood pellet stove.

Final Word on the Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style Wood Pellet Stove

It’s always hard to go past a Pleasant Hearth stove, and this wood pellet unit is no different. Made in the USA with quality workmanship, an elegant design, long burn times for relatively high output, you will pay a little more for this unit but in our opinion it is well worth the extra spend.

Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller – Compact and most suitable for mobile homes

With clever design of internal heat exchanger fins there is a exceptional amount of material to transfer heat from the burning chamber in the room air. This helps to make sure that most of the heat is transferred into the room to be heated, not out the chimney. Heat distribution is helped by an inbuilt multiple speed air blower, although some users find the fan a little loud at the higher fan speeds.

Using clean burning wood pellets means there is little ash to clean up, but what ash there is will be a breeze to clean up in the Castle Serenity as it is collected in an easy to remove ash pot.

The Castle stove can be loaded with up to 40 pounds of wood pellets, which will last 24 hours on constant low setting. An electronic control system can vary the temperature and different times of the day, such as just before waking in the morning. The temperature control can also be set to keep a constant temperature by adjusting the feed rate in response to ambient temperature.

The Castle Serenity Wood Pellet stove is a space saving sleek cabinet style design stove, and is suitable for use in mobile homes. It is EPA certified and capable of heating areas up to 1,5oo sq feet with a minimal amount of fuel.

Final Word on the Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Elegant looks and easy operation, smaller size suitable for mobile homes, and a little lower heat output.

Summers Heat 55-SHP10 Wood Pellet Stove – Budget priced wood pellet stove.

This stove is electronically controlled for wood pellet feed rate and the air blower speed. The hopper will hold 40 pounds of wood pellets which will last through the night. At higher fan speeds the fan can be too loud.

Somewhat oddly the manufacturers of the Summer Heat England’s Stove Works do not publish a BTU’s output or efficiency rating. So the only method we can use to compare this stove with others is the claimed heating area, on that front 1,500 sq. feet is comparable to most wood pellet heaters.

This stove comes with an outside air port to draw in fresh air, which helps to create the most efficient combustion, more air means clean burning.

Summers Heat have a unique design in this stove, it is a mix of a cabinet and pedestal, almost box looking, with a square ceramic glass window in the front door.

Final Word on the Summers Heat Wood Pellet Stove

The Summers Heat wood pellet stove is a compact and robust unit built in the USA to high quality standard, made for the budget conscious.