Does Black Walnut make good firewood

Black Walnut is a good choice for firewood, although it can be expensive.

Black Walnut has a good MBTU output, and it burns clean without much smoke or sparks.

Black Walnut is a good firewood for loading a wood stove for overnight burns.

For best results, Black Walnut needs on average 12 months to properly season before being used as firewood.

Common Name: Black Walnut.

Scientific Name: Juglans nigra.

Identification: Tall trees up to 130 foot high, with moderately thick dark gray bark interconnected by deep furrows. Leaves contain between 11 and 23 thin leaflets largest in the middle. Leaflets are either opposed or alternate.

Leaflets have very slightly serrated edges.

Black Walnut tree
Black Walnut leaf

Location: Central Eastern USA, through Hardiness zone 4 to 9.

Hard / Soft: Hard wood.

Average Dry Weight / Cord: 3276 lbs. (Mid-Upper heaviest 25%).
Average Green Weight / Cord: 4584 lbs.
Comparative Seasoning / Drying Time: up to 12 months

Average MBTU / Pound: 22.
MBTU / Pound Percentile: Mid Upper to Highest 25%.
This is a comparison measure of MBTU compared to common fire wood varieties as per this best firewood to burn chart.

Cut-ability: Moderate.
Split-ability: Easy.

Smoke: Low smoke.
Sparks: Low sparks.
Scent: Pleasant.