Does Hackberry make good firewood

Hackberry is good option to use for firewood.

Summary – What makes Hackberry Good for Firewood

  • Hackberry is easy to split, relatively quick to dry, and has a low pleasant fragrance when burning.
  • Hackberry is a relatively heavy and relatively hard wood, that burns well with minimal smoke and sparks.
  • Hackberry gives off a relatively low MBTU for its weight, other common firewood varieties will provide higher heat and longer burn times per pound.

Common Name: Hackberry.

Scientific Name: Celtis occidentalis.

Identification: Medium to large sized deciduous tree, with gray bark that develops corky ridges and warty texture. Average Hackberry tree grows to between 40-60’ with trunk diameter ranges common from 1-3’.

Location: Central and Northeastern North America. US Hardiness zone 3 to 9.

Hard / Soft: Hard wood.

Average Dry Weight / Cord: 3196 lbs (Mid – Upper 25% heaviest).
Average Green Weight / Cord: 3984 lbs.
Comparative Seasoning / Drying Time: 3 – 6 months or more

Average MBTU / Pound: 20.
MBTU / Pound Percentile: Mid – Bottom 25%.
This is a comparison measure of MBTU compared to common fire wood varieties as per this best firewood to burn chart.

Cutability: Relatively easy, but known for blunting cutting tools.
Splitability: Easy.

Smoke: Low smoke.
Sparks: Low sparks.
Scent: Slight, pleasant fragrance.

Hackberry Tree
Hackberry Leaf
Typical Hackberry Growing Locations