kampMATE Trekker ultra lightweight portable camp stove review

If you’re a hiker and a want to cook or boil water when back packing through the woods, you’ll appreciate that any equipment you carry needs to be functionality, and efficient. These key features are almost non-negotiable, and when it comes to backpack camping stoves, the kampMATE Trekker Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove delivers on this criteria.

kampMATE Trekker – ultra lightweight portable multi-fuel camping stove main features.

100% PURE 304 STAINLESS STEEL — Will survive the harshest conditions. Weighs only 15oz.
UNLIMITED FUEL SOURCE — You choose the fuel, wood or alcohol.
BUILT TO LAST FOREVER — Made from Stainless Steel and designed to withstand higher and lower temperature extremes.
ULTRA PORTABLE DESIGN — Folds down to the size of your hand and easily fits into a backpack pocket.
CARRY BAG – Includes nylon carry bag for easy no mess storing.

Functional: The kampMATE Trekker does everything you expect it to, the cooking height can be adjusted. The kampMATE Trekker protects the fire within from the wind, and it can take a large amount of wood. Multiple fuel choices gives the user flexibility based on their needs.

Efficient: The kampMATE Trekker comes with an alcohol burner, which can be removed to save space and weight. The sides are connected with hinges making pack-up quick and easy. All kampMATE stoves are designed with practicality in mind, with one of the key features being large port size to insert large pieces of firewood with ease. Being able to load a generous amount of wood makes tending to fuel less of a chore, giving you more heat and less effort to keep a fire going.

Size – 20.32 x 16 x 2.29 cm (approximately 8\” x 6\” x 8\”)
Weight – 544 grams (approximately 19 ounces)
Material – Stainless Steel

What we like about the kampMATE Trekker – Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

kampMATE have obviously thought hard about what most backpacking stoves are lacking and this design will make cooking in the woods a real delight. Its the same with the kampMATE WoodFlame Backpacking Camp Stove. Keep reading below to find out why it outshines it’s competitors.

Sized for Two
The kampMATE Trekker is larger than most other foldable backpacking stoves. This means it will host more firewood, for a hotter burn and larger pots and pans. This is ideal for cooking and boiling for two, or just to build a bigger fire for that extra warmth. If you can compromise on slightly extra size and weight, or if hiking with another person this is the right sized stove for you.

Multi Fuel Design
The kampMATE Trekker is able to accept different fuel types, fuel tabs, alcohol, and good old firewood.
If using firewood this will lighten the carrying weight and reduce space in your back pack.

With its large opening, it will be easy to use different kinds of fuel with this wood stove. You won’t have a hard time firing it up, ensuring that you will be able to cook something up in a jiffy.

Cross brace design allows for cups of any size
The simple cross brace design is easy to install and removed. If pack light is your thing and all you\’re wanting to carry is a small cup to boil water for 1, then the kampMATEs cross brace is great. If you are a bit more extravagant with your cooking needs, the kampMATE will also hold a large kettle and pan with ease.

Low Price
Compared to most flat pack backpacking wood stoves the kampMATE is about half the price, check here for the latest price (links to Amazon).

Very Large Opening for Firewood
One of the largest opening holes available in backpacking wood stoves available. Once a fire is going, larger and thicker firewood pieces are easily arranged to maintain a longer and consistent burn.

If you have ever used one of these wood stoves before. You will appreciate the reduced need to continually monitor and adjust a fire built from twigs.

Wind Protection
Another key difference of the kampMATE to it\’s competitors, is that it does not have holes in the opposing sides. This means the kampMATE can be used with the firewood opening facing away from the wind. That wind protection makes it so much easier strike and maintain a fire. Small stoves are particularly vulnerable to becoming wind effected, which reduces the flames resulting in less temperature to cook with, or worse, blowing out a fire to start with. The kampMATE Trekker excels in this area.

Good Ventilation to Maintain Air Flow from Below
A good fire will draw air from the bottom and as hot air rises a stove will cook more efficiently when all the hot air is funneled to the top where the cooking action occurs. This is the design of the kampMATE.

Other than the firewood opening, the only other source of oxygen is from directly below where the firewood site. This means oxygen is easily drawing right where the wood is being burned. The flames are encouraged to burn upwards because the fire is not searching for oxygen from the firewood opening. This is another well designed feature that will stop you getting burned by flames seeking oxygen from the front loading window.

Raised up off the ground for safety
It might not be a pretty as some designs, but it is effective. And when you just need a wood stove to work, that\’s what counts. The kampMATE has minimally sized feet at each corner, and a large gap from one corner to another. The large gap ensures there is enough oxygen entering the stove from below to maintain a roaring fire. The feet are large enough to keep the kampMATE Trekker far enough off the ground to prevent scorching, while still being large enough to maintain stability.

Folds very flat
Its a flat pack design, really the best choice when back packing, and wanting to carry the least amount of equipment possible.

Hinged for rigidity and quick stowing
The sides are connected by hinges making setup and stowing in the supplied carry bag, a quick and easy task. Hinges are great for the purpose of keeping al the parts together, you wont be looking around for that misplaced side panel.

The last side plate is connected by a pin. Most competitors by comparison are designed with flimsy slotted tabs that can be fiddly, if not setup properly can fall apart. Not what you want when you have a flame and a kettle of boiling water to content with.

Solid Stainless Construction
This will carry a lot of weight, if loading up with a heavy kettle or pan. And being 304 Stainless will survive many seasons of hard use.

kampMATE Trekker Verdict

Its all about your needs. There are lighter and smaller multifuel backpacking stoves out there, but the kampMATE Trekker design gets the right combination of size, weight, safety, efficiency, and sturdiness.

In windy condition the kampMATE will out perform competitors but giving a hotter fire with a longer burn.

You could call the kampMATE Trekker the great all rounder of back packing stoves, it will do everything you want well.

The only down side is that hard core back packer\’s, might find the extra few grams off putting.

If saving a few extra grams is not the most important feature of a backpacking camping stove then the kampMATE is a hard choice to go past.