kampMATE WoodFlame – ultra lightweight portable camping stove review

The kampMATE WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Back Packing Stove is a light weight & flat pack collapsible wood burning camping stove, ideally sized for building a camp fire for two or more back packers. Its strong, safe, and very sturdy, can contain a good sized fire, and can handle pots and pans large and small.

kampMATE Woodflame – WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove main features.

100% PURE 304 STAINLESS STEEL — Made from pure 304 stainless steel which makes it last even in the harshest conditions. Weighs only 1.1lbs and boast a large 7\”H x 6\”W x 4\”L burning chamber.

MULTI FUEL SOURCE — Unlike other camping stoves that use alcohol or bulky propane canisters, you can simply use wood, twigs, leaves or branches as a fuel source while you are hiking or camping. This allows you access to unlimited fuel while also saving valuable space in your backpack. Perfect for cooking with Wood, Charcoal, Cedar Pucks, Esbit Tablets, Stereo Fuel, ReadyFuel or any kind of Bio-Mass.

BUILT TO LAST FOREVER — Folds flat for easy storage. The design of our Stainless-Steel wood stove gives it unique properties to perform and withstand higher and lower temperature extremes. The kampMATE Stainless Steel wood stove is truly built to last forever.

ULTRA PORTABLE DESIGN — Every part of the kampMATE WoodFlame wood stove has been designed for practicality, durability, and portability. The wide-open mouth design makes it easy to add more wood to keep the fire going. Extremely easy to assemble, and the crossbar provides a stable surface for your cookware. Folds down to the size of your hand and easily fits into a backpack pocket. Carry case included.

Size – 19.1 x 15.2 cm (approximately 7.5\” x 6\”)
Weight – 520 grams (approximately 18 ounces)
Material – Stainless Steel

What we like about the kampMATE WoodFlame – Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

kampMATE are quickly becoming known for their cleverly designed products. They don’t just put products into the market, they think about make is required for superior performs and build it into their designs. This back packing multi fuel stove is well designed with performance and longevity in mind.

Large Size
As with the kampMATE Trekker Backpacking Camp Stove, the kampMATE WoodFlame is larger than most other foldable backpacking stoves. The extra size gives lots of strength and stability, while also building a bigger fire keeping more people warm, and cooking more food or boiling more water than its competitors.

Larger also means it is less fiddly, a common problem with the very lightweight back packing stove. Small and lightweight may seem good, but if it is so small it becomes warped, and too fiddly to setup and pack away, you won’t be a happy camper.

Being larger means it is a little bit heavier, but if sharing weight across two back packs, you won\’t notice the size or the weight.

Tapered Design
Wider at the base and tapering more narrow at the top means the kampMATE WoodFlame can store more wood for a concentrated heat. The tapered design also add strength to the side attachments as it uses a small amount of gravitational force against itself to lock it into place and provide a very sturdy firebox.

Multi Fuel
The kampMATE WoodFlame can use wood or tablets for fuel. It has a wide opening for large twigs and branches, or can easily accept fuel pucks or tablets.

Cross Brace
The cross brace will hold both large pots and pans, or small cups. The cross brace can also be installed upside down so the pot can be closer to the flame, this is really useful in high wind conditions, and helps to cook and boil quicker, with less wood.

Large Opening
Due to its larger overall size, one distinct advantage is being able to easily load larger pieces of wood through the opening. Larger branches means more heat and longer burn time without having to continually monitor and reload the fire.

Embossed Sides
The embossed side panels are a key to providing extra strength, and reduction in a tendency to warp. This stove will hold heavy pots, and won’t warp like other smaller stoves.

Folds Flat
Folding flat to carry, the kampMATE WoodFlame can fit into backpack pockets easily. It comes with its own case so all parts are stored neat and compact.

Stainless Steel Construction
Sturdy construction, to last the harshest adventures for many seasons of trouble free camp cooking.

kampMATE WoodFlame Verdict

kampMATE have done it again, this is a larger stove that is well suit for people back packing in a group who intend to share a single stove. All cooking can be done at once, so meal times and boiling water doesn’t have to be done one at a time and take hours.

So long as you are camping where there is wood, fires will burn hot and long.