Best Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood pellet stoves are starting to become popular, and for good reason. Here we are taking a look at the best wood pellet stoves, and what the benefits of each are. Learn how pellet stoves work. Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style Pellet Stove Extra-large capacity wood pellet hopper.Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove A great option … Read more

Best Indoor Wood Stove

If you are looking for the best wood stove, check out our buyers guide here to help you understand just how to compare all the necessary features. ContentsDrolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove – Has a very high heat output rating for the price.Pleasant Hearth Small Wood Burning Stove – Perfect for mobile homes.Pleasant Hearth Large Wood … Read more

Best firewood to burn

It may come as a surprise to you, but not all firewood is equal. Some woods burn hotter and for longer than others. Knowing the types of wood and how to best care for your firewood will allow you to get the best value from your firewood, or in other words make sure you get … Read more

Are wood stoves safe?

While wood stoves have been around for centuries, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely safe. The idea of burning wood and other combustibles just doesn’t seem to be the safest way to warm a house quickly or cook outdoors, mostly because the fire can get out of hand and be a bit too hard to … Read more

How wood stoves work

Wood stoves have been around for centuries. It’s possibly the universal traditional cooking equipment in most countries even though it might not look the same in each region. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, especially since wood is the most readily available source of fuel in most locales, so naturally, it can be one … Read more

HQ Issue outdoor wood stove review

Outdoor stoves come in so many different shapes and sizes that choosing one can really be an overwhelming task. However, to narrow down your options, you can always just consider the purpose you need it for and that will significantly trim down your options. So, for example, if you need to cook in your off-the-grid … Read more